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Toni Bowen

Toni Bowen

Toni Bowen has lived and worked among regional, remote, and urban Aboriginal Communities for over 25 years with the objective of cultural empowerment, connection and self-determination. Toni holds a Bachelor of Arts, specialising in History and Social Sciences and a Graduate Certificate in Research concentrating on social justice issues faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and Communities. Toni has worked in both Victorian and Queensland education and government sector focusing on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander educational engagement, with strong collaborations with education providers, youth justice, out-of-home care and child protection, and community-controlled grass-roots organisations.

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Raymond Walters Penangke

Managing Director /
Cultural Consultant / Trainer

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Chantal Boaza

Business Manager

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Danielle Woods

Cultural Consultant / Trainer


Toni Bowen

Research Consultant / Trainer

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