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Penangke Cultural Consultants work with Government, Not-For-Profit and corporate organisations to help design and deliver programs and initiatives for Aboriginal consumers and communities.

Change does not just happen in workshops but through building supportive workplace environments.

This is important for fostering ongoing reflection on conscious and unconscious policies and practices.

Price on application.

Consulting services we offer include:

Community & Stakeholder Engagement

PCC has extensive community consultation experience which underpins effective program development and implementation.  Utilising our community knowledge and connections, we help you plan and deliver effective community engagement.  Our services include community stakeholder mapping, partnership brokerage, consultation plan design, consultation management and report writing.

Strategic Planning

Aboriginal Cultural Security goes beyond attitude and behaviour changes by individuals and encapsulates organisation change through addressing structural inequalities.  We possess a rich understanding of contemporary cultural issues which we call upon when developing policies.

PCC work collaboratively with your services to help you develop innovative, creative and culturally considered strategic plans that achieve measurable outcomes for your Aboriginal staff, consumers and community.

Cultural Events

PCC can support your organisation to embrace and celebrate Aboriginal culture in meaningful and authentic ways.


Cultural Advocacy

PCC recognises and responds effectively to the cultural diversity within and between Aboriginal communities.  We work with our partners to develop their cultural competency, advocate and provide advice and support to strengthen reconciliation efforts, and promote positive outcomes for the traditional lands and First Nations people.


Community Brokerage

PCC can support you to take a whole of organisation approach by building strong relationships, engaging in local and place-based approaches so that your service activities, projects and communication remain connected to, and appropriate for, community.


Cultural Bridging

PCC can support your organisation to set a roadmap for how you can transform your business to create environments that are open and willing to learn from Aboriginal people to deliver meaningful and sustainable outcomes for Aboriginal people.


Organisational Cultural Impact Plans

PCC can develop unique organisational cultural impact plan framework that will support your organisation to achieve meaningful, purposeful connections and outcomes for your Aboriginal staff, consumers and communities.


Capacity Building

A culturally informed and appropriate service delivery requires a workforce that is able to effectively work in culturally diverse work environments.  PCC can support your organisation to design and deliver services that honour the legitimate cultural rights, values and expectations of Aboriginal people.

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Work with us today, you're in great hands.

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